Harkány is rich of facilites, in spare time activities and in places of interests. When you leave the town to the West in direction of Vajszló and Sellye you get to Kórós. Kórós has a church with coffer which is a unique sight of the area of Ormánság.

In direction to Drávaszabolcs or also within easy reach on the other way through Siklós there is the Lake of Matty that is a beloved fishing paradise.

Dráva is the the cleanest river in Europe. Dráva offers some spare-time programs for excursonists: the fishing points, boat trips and sightseeing in the Duna-Dráva National Park are available.

From Drávaszabolcs you can plan a trip to the croatian town Donji Miholjac. You can reach the town in few minutes. The town has some places of interests: a castle which was bulit from Majláth count and the park around the castle is also a spectacle.

Just few monuments the era of Árpáds (972-1301) remained in Hungary because almost of the present area of Hungary was under the thumb of (the kihúzva) Turkey. Under the Turkish subjection the most catholic emblems, churches and institutions were ruined. Only two churches survived in Túrony and in Nagyharsány.

When you visit the area of Siklós-Nagyharsány-Villány-Villánykövesd you can spend some time in the castle of Siklós. This castle is the only castle in Hungary which has been always populated until these days and it stayed especial well-conditioned.

North of Siklós there is the two-tower church of Máriagyűd, the legendary pilgrimage town. It is worth to visit the open air sculpture park in Nagyharsány. From here you can take a trip to the hill of Szársomlyó.

If you would like to take an easy walk up to the hills we suggest you to go to the Tenkes hill, that is situated in the north from Harkány. It is easy to approach the hill and there is a beautiful panorama from the top of it. At the end of the trip we suggest Villány and Villánykövesd which is a well-known wine region.

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